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This is the support page, here you will find additional information and documentation about our products.

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This place allows you to ask questions and share your experiences with webcamXP / webcam 7 with other users. Since we don't have the capacity to support the users of the free versions personally by email, we have decided to create this Community where other users can offer their help as well.

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Technical support by email is only available for users with a license and for business enquiries.
Users of the free version are welcome to use the Community Forums.

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I cannot access my server from another computer on internet. What are the required steps to enable broadcasting?
To solve all issues related to modem/router port forwarding, please visit portforward, select your hardware and select webcamXP to get the step-by-step tutorial.

The ports you have to open (default) are:
- 8080 TCP for video stream
- 8090 TCP for audio stream
- 9000-9100 TCP/UDP for Windows Media © streaming

My ip address keeps changing, what can i do ?
In case you have a dynamic ip address you can simply solve that issue by subscribing to a dynamic redirection server like and then under http settings type your dynamic name instead of your ip address.
Do not forget to disable the automatic detection of ip address in webcamXP otherwise this parameter will be resetted at next software startup.

In order to ensure that the name is always linked to the current ip address of your computer, download and install DynDns Updater (free) and now you can use: instead of using the ip address and won't have to worry anymore about the ip address which changes from time to time.

Can i run webcamXP as service ?
webcamXP Service is provided in all versions since 5.3.1 with webcamXP Service controller, the service version will use exactly the same settings than the GUI version .

Can I retrieve audio from my network camera ?
This is only possible with a few models (mainly Panasonic and Axis) and using webcam 7 together with a template supporting audio (only MPEG4 or RTSP template might support audio decoding as well).

What kind of PCI card with analog inputs can I use ?
It's possible to use common card equipped with a conexant bt8x8 chipset together with the free and opensource driver named btWinCap. This only works under Windows XP 32-bits as this has not been ported to other operating systems. Such configuration might not be suitable for all features because those cards can only monitor one input at time and has to switch between the inputs which makes it not usable for purposes such as multiple sources recording or multiple sources motion detection. To setup a security system, it's suggested to use network cameras instead...

How can I uninstall the program ?
Uninstalling the software can be done at any time by opening the Windows Control Panel. Choose "Uninstall a program" under the "Programs" category. Our products are identified as "webcamXP", "webcam 7" or "IP Camera Directshow Filter". Select the corresponding entry and click on Uninstall. Follow the instructions on screen to remove the software from your computer.